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About Us


Empowering you to be the best version of yourself

Imagine being able to speak your truth, be your authentic self, feel that you are worthy and respected or know the real you.


Imagine being able to quit smoking, get down to your ideal weight, break bad habits and faulty thinking or enhance your sporting performance.


All this can be achieved at Peace & Serenity.

Since 2014 I have helped many clients through issues of loss, grief, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, relationship and family conflict, workplace difficulties, separation and divorce and helping them to rediscover their true self.

I bring an eclectic and holistic approach to my sessions drawing on my training, personal experience and my learnings from other great therapists. I have a passion for helping people be the best they can be and gain immense joy when my clients achieve their goals and start living a happy life.

Services Available:

  • Hypotherapy

  • Counselling

  • Empowering Women's Workshops

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Meditation & Relaxation

“Jo is a warm and welcoming person. During our sessions I have gained clarity around my problem, different strategies and now have the courage and strength to tackle any issue which may arise in the future.”

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