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        Peace and Serenity exceeded my expectations for which I am grateful. I am now enjoying a happier and more fulfilling life and your counselling has made a real difference.      

– Robert H

I've been seeing Jo for hypnotherapy for my anxiety and it has changed my life. I don't have the demon inner voice chirping away trying to bring me down. I feel confident, calm, relaxed and funny. What more could I want in life. Thanks Jo.

Julie C

I absolutely love going to see Jo and have her help me through

this journey they call ‘life’.  Every session helps me to become more mindful, kind and most importantly......enjoy it! 
Thank you Jo, you make a difference 💕

Jo S

Loved the workshops – Jo is a truly empowered woman, compassionate and caring. I learnt so much about myself and am now enjoying life more. I highly recommend these workshops.

- Angela P

She has been supporting staff at Pennwood for the last 10 years. Maintains privacy and confidentiality.

A beautiful person in every way.

– Anne B

The Empowering Women’s workshops are conducted in a tranquil, confidential and safe environment by a very professional and amazing facilitator, Jo.  These sessions opened my eyes and changed my thought processes helping me to become more empowered.

Highly recommend these workshops.

– Sue V

       Jo thanks so much for the workshops, you are an inspiration.

- Anna M

You are an amazing counsellor Jo. Lucky Adelaide people.

- Natalie D

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